" Timing is Everything"                                            




Here you will find the services we provide for you at any meet we agree to manage. Note once a Contractual agreement between we the Meet management company and the Meet Director/Race Sponsor is reached prices do vary due to size of race. Cost list is revealed during Consultation and signing of contract. However all services listed are covered and considered in cost. We offer two services varied upon race type weather it be Cross-Country or Road Racing.

The Trojan

Cross Country

Package Includes-

Electronic Entry Setup

Meet Packets- Packets for all teams will include Meet schedule, Course Map(if provided by Director/Sponsor), Bib Numbers, Copies of Entries Recieved, Safety Pins,and Trash Bags( If wanted by Meet Director/Sponsor).

Timing and Results- The timing of all races that Day , Results and Scores are Checked for accuracy before posting. Immediate Online Uploading of results on most Milespit networks based on Locale of meet.

Awards- Awards can be setup and ordered thru local award company. Items will be ordered based on Meet Director/Sponsor input and final approval will be given to Meet director/Sponsor.* Note Cost of Awards is only done by awards company no afiliation of Trojan Timing.