" Timing is Everything"                                            



About Us

As a Break Through provider in Meet Management, we take pride in offering the best in Meet Management services. We are dedicated to serving the needs of our Clients each and every day. With 6yrs of Meet Management experience and proven track record we are excited to take our company and your Meet Management needs to the next level.We are a family owned and operated business and our proud to be a part of the racing community. Please gives us the opportunity to speak with you about this exciting opportunity and your needs as a Meet director.

Timing System

We use Milestat.com Race-tab software. This software is very, simple, and easy to operate. Allow's entries of all format's from Hytek, to Excel even copy in paste out of E-mail. Uses it's own stopwatch function with easy transfer from bib numbers to exact time. We always use a Backup timer with a Xnote stopwatch  for those just in case moments. Bib numbers are scanned into timing system using a traditional bar code scanner and time are imported from file.