Schedule And Results

Track/XC Results

2024 Cross Country
8/15/2023-Daniel Boone Co-Ed Relays-Daniel Boone High School, Gray,TN
8/26/2023-Run For The Hills-Sullivan East High School, Bluff City,Bristol TN
8/30/223-Through the Pines Invitational-Lebanon High School,Lebanon,Va
9/2/2023-Becky Selfe Invitationa
l-Patrick Henry High School, Glade Spring ,Va
9/7/2023-St.Marys Invitational-St Marys School, Johnson City,TN
9/12/2023-Area 1 Large School Championships-Robinson Middle School,Kingsport,TN
9/16/2023-Walker's Run-Marion Senior High School, Marion,Va
9/18/2023-TMSAA Upper East Sectional-Daniel Boone High School,Gray, TN
9/23/23-Run The Ridge-West Ridge High School,Blountville,TN

2023 Outdoor  Track
3/6/2023-Providence Day MS #1-Providence Day School-Charlotte,NC
3/8/2023-Science Hill Early Bird-Science Hill High School-Johnson City,TN
3/15/2023-Patriot Preview-Sullivan East High School-Bluff City ,TN
3/20/2023-Citizens Bank Invite-Elizabethton High School-Elizabethton ,TN
3/22/2023-Latin MS Home Meet-Charlotte Latin-Charlotte,NC
3/23/2023-Matt Newton/Anna Cooper Memorial-Tennessee High School-Bristol,TN
3/24/2023-Bearcat HS Invitational-Virginia High School-Bristol,VA
3/27/2023-Bearcat MS Invitational-Virginia High School-Bristol,VA
3/28/2023-Peak Physical Therapy/Bodyworks Fitness Opener-Abingdon High School-Abingdon,Va
3/29/2023-Providence Day Home Meet #1-Providence Day School-Charlotte,NC
4/1/2023-Patriot Invitational-Sullivan East Middle School-Bluff City,TN
4/3/2023-JTH Industrial Volunteer MS Invite-Volunteer High School-Church Hill,TN
4/4/2023-Providence Day MS Home Meet #2-Providence Day School-Charlotte,NC
4/5/2023-T.A Dugger Middle School Invite-T.A Dugger Middle School, Elizabethton,TN
4/6/2023-Judy Thomas Invitational-Patrick Henry High School, Glade Spring,VA
4/8/223-Frank Carver Invitational-Tennessee High School, Bristol,TN
4/11/2023-Hutchinson Sealing Systems Volunteer HS #1-Volunteer High School, Church Hill,TN
4/12/2023-Charlotte Latin HS #2-Charlotte Latin-Charlotte,NC
4/13/2023-State Farm ELEM/MS/HS Invitational-Virginia HighSchool-Bristol,VA
4/15/2023-Maryville Scots Invitational-Maryville College,Maryville,TN
4/17/2023-Cavalier MS/JV Invite-Holston High School,Damascus,VA
4/18/2023-Sullivan East MS #2-Sullivan East Middle School, Bluff City ,TN
4/19/2023-Providence Day Home Meet #2-Providence Day School,Charlotte,NC
4/20/2023-Liberty Bell Spring Invite-Liberty Bell Middle School, Johnson City, TN
4/22/2023-Highlands Glass Invitational-Abingdon High School, Abingdon ,VA
4/24/2023-Wampler Insurance MS Invitational-Abingdon High School,Abingdon VA

4/25/ ES/MS/HS Invite-Virginia High School, Bristol, VA
4/26/2023-Charlotte Latin Home Meet #3-Charlotte Latin , Charlotte, NC
4/28/2023-43rd Six River Relays-Science Hill High School, Johnson City ,TN
5/2/2023-Upper Lake Conference-Elizabethton High School, Elizabethton, TN
5/3/2023-Rebel Clash Last Chance Meet-Patrick Henry High School, Glade Spring ,VA
5/5/2023-TMSAA Class A Northeast Sectional-Volunteer High School, Church Hill, TN
5/6/2023-TMSAA Section 1 Class AA-Science Hill High School, Johnson City ,TN
5/10/2-23-Hogoheegee District Track and Field Championships-Patrick Henry High School, Glade

 Spring VA
5/17/2023-Southwest District Championships-Virginia High School, Bristol,Va

2022-2023 Indoor Track
12/3/22-Empire Ford Relays-Abingdon High School,Abingdon,Va
1/4/2023-Brown Dental Polar Bear-Abingdon High School-Abingdon,VA
1/11/2023-Legacy Bank Polar Bear-Abingdon High School-Abingdon,VA
1/12/2023-Roanoke College HS Invitational-Roanoke College-Roanoke,VA
1/18/2023-Highlands Glass/Shamrock Reality-Abingdon High School-Abingdon ,VA
1/20/2023-JSB Polar Bear-John S Battle-Bristol,VA
1/24/2023-Turn Up the Heat-Providence Day School-Charlotte,NC
2/1/2023-Va High Polar Bear-Virginia High-Bristol,VA
2/7/2023-Blue Ridge CJDR Last Chance-Abingdon HIgh School-Abingdon,VA
2/17/2023-VHSL Region 1A/2A Region C&D Championships-Roanoke College-Salem,VA
2/18/2023 VHSL Region 3D Championships-Roanoke College,Salem,VA
2/18/2023-VHSL Region 4D Championships-Roanoke College,Salem,VA

2022 Cross Country
8/4/2022- Holston Home-Greeneville High School-Greeneville ,TN
8/27/2022-Run for the Hills-Sullivan East High School-Bristol, TN
8/30/2022-CISAA #1- Charlotte Country Day-Charlotte, NC
8/31/2022-Terry Hull Crawford XC Classic-Greeneville High School- Greeneville, TN
9/3/2022-Becky Selfe Invitataional-Patrick Henry High School-Bristol,Va
9/6/2022-The Middle School Showdown-Providence Day School-Charlotte,NC
9/12/2022-Middle 9 Conference-Robinson Middle School-Kingsport ,TN
9/13/2022-CISAA/GCMSAA #2-Charlotte Latin-Charlotte,NC
9/17/2022-Walker's Run-Marion Senior High School-Marion,VA
9/20/2022-TMSAA Upper East Sectional-Greenville High School,Greenville,TN
9/21/2022-Graham Invitational-Graham High School,Graham ,Va
9/24/2022-Bristol Cross-Tennessee High School,Bristol,TN
9/29/2022-Randy Smith Classic-John S Battle High School,Bristol,Va
10/12/2022-Don Cumbow Invitational-Abingdon High School,Bristol,Va
10/17/2022-Three Rivers Conference-Tennessee High School.Bristol,Tn
10/18/2022-Big 5 Conference-West Ridge High School-Blountville,TN
10/18/2022-CISAA Conference Championships-Charlotte Latin,Charlotte ,NC
10/21/2022-NAIA Appalachian Challenge-Tennessee Wesleyan-Knoxville,TN
10/26/2022-Southwest District Championships-Virginia High School-Bristol,VA
10/26/2022-Hogoheegee District Championships-Lebanon High School-Lebanon,VA
11/3/2022-VHSL 2A Region D Championships-John S Battle-Bristol,VA
11/12/2022-VHSL 1,2,3 State Championships-Green Hill Park-Salem,VA

2022 Outdoor Track
2/25/22-Arctic Hares Opener-Providence Day School-Charlotte,NC
3/2/2022-CISAA Relays -Providence Day School-Charlotte,NC
3/4/2022-David Crockett MS #1-David Crockett HS Joneborough,TN
3/9/2022-Chargers Middle School Meet-Providence Day School-Charlotte,NC
3/15/22-Cherokee HS Meet #1-Cherokee HighSchool-Rogersville,TN
3/17/22-Sullivan East #1-Sullivan East HS-Bluff City ,TN
3/22/2022-Citizens Bank Invite-Elizabethton HS-Elizabethton,TN
3/24/2022-Matt Newton Invitational-Tennessee High School-Bristol,TN
3/29/2022-Cherokee All-Comers #3-Cherokee HS-Rogersville,TN
3/30/2022-Falcons Early Bird -Abingdon High School-Abingdon,va
4/4/2022-Virginia Middle #1-Virginia High School-Bristol,VA
4/5/2022-Volunteer Middle School Meet-Volunteer HS-Church Hill,TN
4/7/2022-Bristol Tennessee Middle #1-Tennessee High School-Bristol, Tn
4/11/2022-Judy Thomas Invitational-Patrick Henry High School-Glade Springs,VA
4/12/2022-Volunteer All-Comers-Volunteer High School-Church Hill,TN
4/13/2022-Food City Track and Field Classic-Abingdon High School-Abingdon ,VA
4/4/2022-T.A Dugger All Comers-Elizabethotn High School-Elizabethton,TN
4/16/2022-Frank Carver Invitational-Tennessee High School-Bristol,TN
4/19/2022-Bristol Tennessee Middle #2-Tennessee High School-Bristol,TN
4/20/2022-GCMSAA Conference- Providence Day School-Charlotte,NC
4/21/2022-District 2 (IMAC) Championships-Jefferson County High School-Dandridge,TN
4/22/2022-Big 8 Conference-Dobyns Bennett High School-Kingsport,TN (
4/28/2022-Three Rivers Conference-Elizabethton High School-Elizabethton,TN
4/29/2022-MIddle 8 Conference-John Sevier MS-Kingsport, TN
4/30/2022-Union County Middles School Championships-Cuthbertson High School-Waxhaw,NC
5/2/2022-Hawkins County MS 5th/6th- Volunteer High School,Churchhill,TN
5/2/2022-Bearcat MS Invite-Virginia High School-Bristol,VA
5/3/2022-Anna Cooper Last Chance Invite-Tennessee High School-Bristol,TN
5/4/2022-Bearcat Invitational-Virginia High School -Bristol,Va
5/5/2022-Hawkins County MS 7th/8th-Volunteer High School-Church Hill,TN
5/9/2022-42nd Six Rivers Relays-Science Hill HS-Johnson City ,TN (Six Rivers Media)
5/10/2022-TMSAA NE Class A Small School Sectionals-Volunteer High  School-Church Hill,TN
5/11/2022- Hogoheegee District Championships-Patrick  Henry High School-Glade Springs,VA
5/12/2022-Battle on the Hill-John S Battle High School-Bristol,VA
5/13-5/14-CISAA Championships-Charlotte Latin School-Charlotte, NC
5/18/2022-Southwest District Championships-Virginia High School-Bristol,Va
5/25/2022-VHSL Region 2D championships-Virginia High School-Bristol,Va

2021-2022 Indoor Track

12/1/2021-Empire Ford Relays
1/5/2021-Abingdon Polar Bear
1/12/2021-Abingdon Polar Bear #3
2/2/2022-Abingdon Polar Bear 5


8/28/2021-Run for the Hills
9/1-9/2-2021-Terry Hull Crawford Classic
9/4/2021-Becky Selfe Invitational
9/14/2021-Middle 8 Conference
9/18/2021-Fenders Farm Carnival
9/21/21-TMSAA Upper East Sectional
9/24/2021-Graham Invitational
9/25/2021-Bristol Cross
9/30/2021-Randy Smith Classic
10/19/2021-Three Rivers Conference
10/20/21-Don Cumbow Invitational
10/21/21-Greenville Classic
10/27/2021-Mountain 7 Conference
10/27/2021-Hogoheegee Conference
11/3/2021-VHSL Region 3D Championships
11/3/2021- VHSL Region 1D Championships